Material for the artificial reef..
It is felt that a decommissioned military ship will provide excellent material for the Artificial Reef. Plymouth is well known for it’s history as a Royal Navy Base and what could be better than a ship having served from Plymouth to end her days being enjoyed by many. The project team have contacted the Ministry of Defence disposal department and will be making a tender for an appropriate vessel. The MOD have advised that HMS Beaver a Type 22 Frigate may soon be available for tender and an application of tender for the purpose of an artificial reef would be considered. (as of 21st November 2000) – A leander class frigate is now likely as the first ship to be sunk in British waters, Plymouth harbour Authority have advised that a Type 22 Frigate would be too large to ‘cold’ handle into position at proposed cleaning site.

.The vessel will be prepared in accordance with Environmental and Health & Safety Standards. It will not therefore pollute the local area, as it will be cleaned to the correct standard and the following certificates will be required. Primarily these certificates are:

Asbestos certificates, indicating that the vessel is asbestos-free.
PCB certificates, indicating that the vessel is PCB-free.
An “ammunition-free” certificate issued by Defence authorities.
If required a radiation inspection certificate.
A certificate that refrigerants and halons have been removed from shipboar.


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