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All Weather Rattan Furniture

Rattan is the first typeThere is something attractive about the way rattan furniture is presented. The hand woven aspect really appeals to me, and I definitely believe it’s the most comfortable type of all weather furniture there is. This is mainly because of the way it gives a little as you sit down, and the cushions that come with it of course!

The main things to look for with rattan, is the fact it must be UV stabilised (reference) because this means it won’t break down to UV rays from the sun. The other thing to watch is an aluminium frame, as opposed to a steel frame, as this won’t rust. You can easily check that by lifting the furniture, if it’s really heavy then it’s probably steel!

All Weather Winawood Furniture

Winawood furnitureThis is a fairly new type of material for garden furniture, but it’s really useful, especially for those that prefer a traditional look in their garden. It’s made from a compacted polymer that creates a grain effect, giving it the appearance of real wood. However because it’s man made, it doesn’t warp or rot like wood, so it lasts a lot longer. The manufacturers of Winawood provide a 2 year guarantee. You can find out more about how to assemble Winawood furniture here.

All Weather Cast Aluminium Furniture

Cast aluminium furniture has gone out of fashion a bit recently, but it can still be really useful for those that want a very heavy duty option for their home. It comes in a range of tables, chairs and benches, which allow you to match your entire garden with this style. This is recommended, as it can look quite out of place with just a single piece of this furniture.

Where to buy All Weather Garden Furniture

You can find out more information about weatherproof furniture here:

How much does this sort of furniture cost?

This type of furniture can range in cost depending on what you want to buy. For example if you’re just after a chair, you can often purchase one for around £100, but if you’re looking at a full set, these can range from £500+.


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