Project Finance

This consortium is a non profit making volunteer organisation and will require funding in order to proceed.

The aim is for the project to be funded through sponsorship and grants.

A detailed costing of the project has been calculated in the region of £500,000 and includes the following:

Liability Insurance
Legal and Accountancy fees
Premises for vessel during clean up
Salvage operations
Clean up expenses
Disposal costs of waste materials
Placement of vessel
Possible revenue could be generated from salvage of materials from the vessel. Costs can also be reduced from volunteer services.

Other means for revenue will be explored eg promotion of wreck site.

Why Whitsand Bay ?
The reasons for the proposed site are:

The close proximity of the site to nearby Plymouth and Looe makes it easily accessible.

With recent developments around Plymouth’s Waterfront, including the Mountbatten development (officially opened by the Duke of Edinburgh on June 23rd 99) access to dive sites is becoming more accessible. This site in conjunction with Fort Bovisand Underwater Centre and Sound Diving (Queen Annes Battery) makes Plymouth an ideal location for dive trips. Therefore, another dive site in the Whitsand Bay will strengthen the reputation of these prime locations.

Whitsand Bay has several wreck dive sites, the most famous being the Liberty Ship “James Eagen Layne”. Two other wrecks are the submarine ” A7 “, which requires permission as it is a war grave and “The Rosehill”. Both of these dive sites are in deeper waters 30m+ which makes them less accessible for the less experienced diver. Therefore, it is felt that another wreck in shallower waters (20m) will provide an ideal training ground and provide further interest for divers of all abilities.


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